About Us

Shave Forge is a family-owned and run business based in Phoenix, Arizona. Our mission is to let everybody experience the joy of wet shaving by offering the highest-quality products at affordable prices.   We personally evaluate every product before selling it to ensure your satisfaction, and offer one of the best return policies in the business - we'll refund any Shave Forge product, new or used, within 30 days.

Our Knots

Boar Hair

Boar knots are generally very stiff with average water retention.  Many people are switching to boar knots because it offers excellent lathering capabilities and facial exfoliation, all at an excellent price.

Synthetic Hair

Our Synthetic knots are made with nylon and are extremely soft and plush.  Synthetic knots have below average water retention but don't smell like many real hair knots.

Horse Hair

Horse knots have an appearance similar to boar knots, but are actually very soft.  They offer good water retention and lathering capabilities.

Badger Hair

Badger hair knots are sorted based on relative quality.  Here is a list of names, from lowest to highest quality:

Pure - Hair taken from 65% of the animal, mainly from the underside. Hair is darker in color, courser, and ideal for exfoliation.

Mixed - Combination of Pure badger hair and boar hair.

Best - A step up from Pure.  Hair is taken from the same areas of the animal as Pure, but is sorted to be higher grade.  Bristles are generally finer and have softer tips.

Super - Higher grade badger hair taken from roughly 25% of the animal.  Super knots perform almost as well as Silvertip and have soft tips.

Silvertip - Hair taken from approximately 3-5% of the animal, near the muzzle and neck.  Hair has very good backbone and soft tips.  Silvertip is highly sought after in the shaving community and generally commands higher prices.  Our unbleached Silvertip knots have off-white tips.

High Mountain White - Hair taken from badgers found in the high mountains of China.  Individual hairs are thicker and tips are cream color and extremely soft.  This is the ultimate hair for discerning shavers.

Large Bulk Orders

We are happy to accept bulk orders of 100 brush knots or more at a discount of 10% off the lowest bulk price displayed.  Please note that bulk orders will ship within 2 business days if items are in stock, but may take up to 40 days if we need to place an order with one of our suppliers.  If you would like to place a bulk order, please submit an inquiry in the 'Contact Us' section.