Boar Hair Shaving Brush Knot (28mm x 70mm)

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Very coarse bristles with excellent lather and scritch.  Made with 100% boar hair.

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    A wonderful shave knot!

    Posted by Philip R. Scott-Smith on Jan 31st 2020

    I will by more of these! They are of exceptional quality in every respect!

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    I have made many a shaving brush, but this large, Boar Bristle brush knot is the Crown Jewel of my experience! It is everything a fine brush knot should be: strong, flexible, and beautifully anchored in its resin base. I had absolutely no trouble e

    Posted by on Jan 22nd 2020

    Every facet of my purchase of this fine brush knot was an example of top-notch professionalism! I was treated very well from start to finish, and my brush knot was delivered quickly and in fine condition. This company is a fine example of old-fashioned honesty and integrity. - I look forward to making more purchases from them. Thanks!

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    Super big boar hair knot

    Posted by Eli on Dec 7th 2019

    When my wife couldn't get enough scritch out of my brushes, I knew I had only one option: Get that special gal a boar brush as quickly as I could!
    I did not fail in my mission, folks. The knot from Shave Forge shipped fast, with amazing communication. It went straight to a friend of mine who turns ordinary tree-flesh into the most beautiful shaving accoutrements you ever laid eyes on. When his eyes laid on this sucker he sent me a text "how many pigs are in this thing?" It's a big, beautiful knot full of the scritchy goodness you expect from boar hair. After that initial shave this puppy bloomed like a prize rose bush.

    I expected some of the usual boar "funk", of course, bit was really amazed at the lack of stank. Do t get me wrong, you smell it. It's boar. But not nearly as much as some other boar hair knots that have tickled my nose hairs.

    This knot is too quality and I would highly recommend it if you like to get scritchy. Set it deep in a handle and you've got some serious exfoliating action in you hand.

    Don't hesitate. Don't wonder if you should. OF COURSE YOU SHOULD!

    Buy one and you too can be scritching it up like a pro!